Advanced Hybrid Bodybuilding and CrossFit Cycle


This 11-week cycle utilizing a body part split orientation was the first “Hybrid” style program that IN3 coach Amanda Barelli and I ever created. It could even be considered the “catalyst” that provided the spark for her to switch from performance to aesthetics.

This cycle is similar to a traditional “bodybuilding” program while incorporating CrossFit style WOD’s at the end of each training day. The program must be completed in a Functional Fitness gym setting, as it utilizes entirely free-weight strength movements, and incorporates a significant amount of work on CrossFit “gymnastics” movements (such as Muscle-ups, Rope Climbs, HSPU, Pull-ups and Ring Dips).

Olympic lifts will be included in the WOD’s, but not as specific strength work. Saturdays training sessions are dedicated entirely to gymnastics work, building strength in the upper body with bodyweight movements, both unweighted and weighted.

This is a moderate to high volume program, and you should expect to spend about 90 minutes on each training session across 6 days per week.