Bryan is just not like any other coach. His unique style of programming expertly weaves together the components of aesthetics and performance. I recommend Bryan and his training methods to our athletes because he collaborates closely with our nutrition coaches to create a training and nutrition environment that is optimal for our clients. It is rare to find a training authority who understands performance and aesthetics, has the knowledge to know when to adjust intensity and volume, and who works closely with your nutrition coach.

Jason Phillips

Founder of iN³ Nutrition

After finding myself a little frustrated from regular crossfit programming I decided to reach Bryan because I knew he offered individualized programming according to my goals, experience and routine. Following his hybrid training for more than a year changed not only my body but also my understanding about training quality, intensity and frequency. He is a knowledgeable coach and I highly recommend his programming if you want something that will bring you results with a sustainable training routine.

Anna Lou Hathaway

Where to begin – Bryan’s programming (and badass, ind, compassionate personality) has taken me from burnt out puffy CrossFitter who dreaded the gym to a leaner, more energized, hormonally balance human. I used to lie in bed awake fearing that I’d never love fitness again, but Bryan assured me to start slow, do the most bang for your buck first and then we could move back into more CrossFit-type workouts as long as I was feeling good. And that’s the point I want to reiterate – he only made changes based on how I felt, my progress, what exercises I liked and didn’t like, and my overall goal. I never once felt like I was thrown into a templated plan.

I am a nutrition and health coach and trust Bryan so much that I outsource ALL of my client’s training needs to him – whether it’s personal one-on-one coaching, or his group online programming – there’s no doubt that you’ll be taken care of just like I was and all of my clients.

Couldn’t recommend him enough 🙂

Stesha Gulick

Bryan Boorstein is one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the game. With his programming I was able to qualify for 2 OC Throwdowns, 1 Wodapalooza and improve from 245th place to 72nd place in the CrossFit Open California Region. Not only is he dedicated to his athletes success, he puts more effort into their overall well being. I’m not only a better athlete but a better person from working with him.

Aaron Gardner

Regionals athlete

I do have to say that my CrossFitting has changed dramatically since meeting my coach Bryan Boorstein. HUGE shout out to that man for molding me into what I am right now! Can’t thank him enough… If anyone out there is looking for personal coaching, I highly recommend contacting him and seeing what he do for you.

Ryan Fischer

3x top 10 finisher at California Regional

Bryan has helped me tremendously with my training by constantly pushing me with his great programming while holding me accountable. Over the months that I’ve worked with him I’ve made progress toward achieving all of my goals, made big gains in strength and received a bunch of compliments from others on gaining muscle. Overall he’s helped me become a better athlete and a coach.

Raz Petric

Online coaching client

Working with Bryan Boorstein has been the smartest decision I have made to achieve my fitness goals. Bryan is an educated professional with the experience to help anyone achieve their goals. I have been working with him for over two years and I have become stronger, faster, and a smarter athlete.

Nathan Skog

Online coaching client

I became a remote coaching client of Bryan Boorstein shortly after not qualifying for the 2013 Northwest CrossFit Regional, and realizing that I needed someone with high level competitive CrossFit coaching experience to program for me if I wanted to make it back to Seattle. With Bryan’s programming and guidance I would go on to qualify for the 2014 Northwest regional, then in 2015, again qualify for the new “super” West Regional. Throughout my two and one half years of remote coaching with Bryan, there was always a personalized approach to shore up my specific weaknesses and professional dedication to making sure I had all the tools I needed to succeed. I am a better athlete today then before I started with Bryan back in the middle of 2013.

Joshua Rempel

Northwest Regional athlete

I first clicked with Bryan’s coaching style back in 2010 when he opened San Diego Athletics. As a woman, it’s really difficult to know how to balance cardio with strength training to get the results you want, and Bryan knew just how to program workouts and motivate me to push for results. When I moved to Boston a year later, I quickly fell off track when I joined my local Crossfit gym. I realized it wasn’t the gym that motivated me and got me in the best shape of my life, it was Bryan.

Bryan’s online coaching program is a must! He tailors the workouts for my desired results and limitations, as I often suffer from lower back pain. Most recently, Bryan coached me through my first pregnancy, carefully programming safe workouts that kept me strong and in shape. I easily give him all of the credit for my son’s quick and manageable delivery.
Thank you for keeping me motivated on a daily basis from 3,000 miles away!
Janna Karwaski

Fit Mom & Remote Client

I was burnt out on Crossfit and therefore, the gym. I wanted to be outside, be an athlete again. However, I also wanted to train but couldn’t gather the energy for a Crossfit session. I actually felt I was getting weaker the more CrossFit I did. While simultaneously trying to get my nutrition dialed in, my nutritionist kept telling me about Bryan. While I could not afford individual programming, I soon learned he was coming out with the Evolved Training Series.

I signed up day 1 out of curiosity.

I was skeptical of the Evolved Training at first. It even took me a while to take the programmed breaks, I would just power through. I was starting to get backlash from friends in my gym.

Fast forward a month or so and I learned to slow my pace, and fitness with intention. I was instantly feeling better, had more time to do other activities and actually noticed myself getting a little stronger.

Eventually, people were really curious about what I was doing, I showed a few, and even got a few to sign up on their own!

Fast forward, what 6 months and I feel amazing, getting stronger, seeing my body transform positively. Even the occasional times I do a crossfit wod with friends for fun, I do better than before.

I am so appreciative of Bryan and I’ve never even met him! He makes himself available and is always willing to hear you out and help make any adjustments needed to be successful in your training. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll be training under Bryan for as long as possible.

Thank you Bryan!!

Jen Edgar

The Hybrid Cycle was a great 10 weeks as I was able to get a whole lot stronger without the overuse injuries and overtraining. My goal was to maintain physique while still focusing on my overall strength and gymnastics. By the end of the Cycle I PR’d My 3 Rep Deadlift, My 1 Rep Back Squat by 20lbs, and Bench By 20lbs. My Gymnastics Improved dramatically. Being able to string together larger sets with ease. Movements I feared became no big deal. After the cycle was over, I PR’d my Snatch by 12 lbs after not doing any oly lifting heavy for over 10 weeks. I’m amazed at the gains that I made over a 11 week period of time, without feeling like I lost any of my CrossFit fitness

Amanda Barelli

SoCal Regionals athlete

“I’m OBSESSED with Bryan’s programming.  I am currently using his Physique programming.  He posts weekly workouts that I genuinely get excited about.  Not one of his daily workouts has been exactly the same since I’ve been using his program the last 18 weeks.  My strength has improved tremendously! Through my first cycle with Bryan’s programming, I added 20lbs to my bench press, 10lbs to my strict press and 30lbs to my back squat.  I was mostly using the program for aesthetic purposes, but increased performance has been a nice bonus. He also runs a Facebook group exclusively for his members that allow us to interact with each other and ask questions.  This is a place where we can share our victories and also our struggles.  It’s nice to know if others felt the same way about certain movements–“those bro-stein curls though!”  Also, Bryan gives alternative movements to those without certain equipment or who are working out with injuries.  Overall, Bryan is a programming genius – trust him and I promise you won’t be disappointed. ” 

Meryl Green

He has changed my Crossfit career/life as an athlete too! He is unbelievable at programming and coaching!

Kendall Bolt

California Regionals athlete

Coach “B” is a great asset to training! When training yourself for regionals, a person tends to program things they like and rarely any of the stuff they suck at. That’s where Bryan came in! a fresh brain with no bias, no rubbish. he’s a knowledgeable coach that cares and programs some of the hardest pieces I have been put through to date. With Bryan’s help, I believe I would be making a run at the games if I not for unrelated injury that took me out of CrossFit for almost a year.

Philip Craig

California Regionals athlete

Going into the Open, I felt more than prepared under Bryan’s programming. I was confident in my strength with everything from one rep maxes to 20 rep maxes. His program trained all metabolic pathways, so I felt conditioned but not overtrained. He was always very responsive and attentive and extremely knowledgeable. It was helpful to compare my times and numbers with the other Regional athletes he was training. I ended up 7th in the Northeast in the Open and top 100 worldwide

Sarah Scholl

CrossFit Games athlete

I decided to sign up with Bryan after two regionals athletes recommended him to me on two separate occasions. I was looking to improve my Crossfit game and wanted to compete at the Masters level. The problem was, I had suffered two significant injuries over the course of two years. So basically, I came to Bryan asking him to bring me “back to normal.” Over the course of 14 months, through his remote coaching only, I not only rehabbed and recovered my injuries, but improved athletically beyond anything I could have hoped for in the period of just 1 year. My major lifts – squat, deadlift, bench press, etc. – all improved by 30-50lbs! My clean went from 245# to 285#, and my snatch jumped up from 185# to 215#——and that’s with one of my injuries being a torn labrum! The entire time, proper form was the focus, and lifting cycles were immediately tweaked or rearranged if any physical ailments were being aggravated.
Slowly but surely, whether I knew it or not, I was getting stronger and my skills were improving. I was stringing muscle-ups together again, walking on my hands, and doing other cool stuff that I hadn’t been able to do in over two years! From the beginning, Bryan started our own Facebook page and replied to every single post I made. He analyzed my videos, posted programming for the week, and provided nutrition help along the way.
I am a firefighter with a wife and two kids, so working around my schedule is no simple feat! And never once was I left in the dark about what to do next. After about a year working with Bryan, I went from being barely able to workout at all, to making top 100 in the world in the Crossfit Open, and then finishing in the top 50 in the world overall for Masters athletes age 40-44.
I look forward to our continuous training together and recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness, no matter what your lifestyle may entail. And not just for crossfit athletes, but any sport at all, even if it’s just to dial-in your training and diet.

Mike Rando

42nd Worldwide Regionals, 40-44 year-old Masters 2017

Over the past 12 years I’ve ventured on many different routes of fitness from my time in the U.S. Marines to competing in CrossFit as an Individual at the Regional level to bodybuilding and to just general fitness while traveling around the world. I was blessed to learn and to teach people around the World but this past year I was even more thankful that I came across someone who has taught me a lot and changed my thoughts on many areas of fitness. That man is Bryan Boorstein and he is a master at what he does and has written some programs for me over the past year that have improved my quality of life in more ways than one.

1) If it is CrossFit that you are wanting to compete in then he is the man as he has sent 50+ athletes around the world to Regionals…
2) If it is bodybuilding that you are wanting to work on or just wanting to look good naked, then he is well disciplined in knowing how to tailor specific programs to individuals as well .
If you are looking for some discipline or a plan to take your fitness or body composition to a superior level , then I highly recommend reaching out to Bryan and he will definitely take care of you.

Jeremiah Dupin