Evolved Full Body Program

$29.00 / month

The Evolved FULL BODY Program will provide an easy-to-follow framework to maximize results in only three training sessions per week. With focus on building strength and muscle mass while optimizing recovery, this program will help you look like an athlete and feel full of energy and vitality on a daily basis. This is the perfect option for those with a busy lifestyle that want to maximize their time in the gym and thrive in life outside the gym!

The workouts will be released weekly through the TRUE COACH APP. Regardless of when you sign-up, you will begin at “Day 1” of the cycle.

Membership and payment will be made through the EVOLVED website and then you will receive an E-MAIL invite to join the program in True Coach within 24 hours.

Please make sure your email address is correct. If your email is currently listed under a different coach in TRUE COACH, you will need to provide a new email address or get your current email address “released” by your old coach. 


The 3x Per Week FULL BODY program was responsible for creating many of the premier physiques during the pre-steroid era of training.

It wasn’t until anabolic drugs entered the scene in the 1960’s that athletes were able to push bodypart splits and high volume training to the extreme.

When we look to current science and “Evidence-Based” practices, many of the studies confirm this approach as very close to optimal in a number of areas:

– Provides stimulus for each muscle group multiple times per week
– Uses primarily compound movements to maximize muscle recruitment
– Ensures sufficient rest for recovery and adaptations to occur
– Extremely sustainable and fits seamlessly into a busy lifestyle outside the gym

Frequency, Intensity and volume are the main variables that must be managed in a training program. While this style of program may lack the high levels of volume per bodypart as a 4-5x/week program, the intensity will be higher with each session.

Recovery is occurring systematically between every workout, so you are able to make each set more demanding (pushing closer to fatigue). The proximity to failure must be managed much closer with higher frequency programming.

What you need to know about the FULL BODY Program

1. There are three sessions that are considered “required” throughout the week (alternating days)
These are the BASE of the program and should be prioritized over anything else

2. There may be some additional OPTIONAL sessions throughout the week
*May change cycle to cycle and include conditioning, core or additional training
*It’s important to understand these additional sessions most likely won’t ENHANCE your results

3. The programming is entirely FREE WEIGHTS and equipment that can be accessed inside a Functional Fitness facility. However, you should be able to complete most of this in a commercial gym, as well

4. The three main training sessions will most likely take 60-75 minutes each

Training Has Evolved! Can’t wait for you to come on board and experience the future of endless gains and increased quality of life outside the gym!

Bryan Boorstein