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Start training like a world class athlete.

Online training with hands-on coaching and programming is the way of the future. Technology has made it possible for you to work with one of the top coaches in the world. Bryan Boorstein has created an online training experience like none other. Complete with video analysis of movement, feedback in a private group, and a fully individualized experience, your training goals are within reach.

Bryan has trained at the top level, the CrossFit Games, while also working with some of the worlds premier athletes, including NFL players, and WWE superstar John Cena. Bryan has extensive experience and knowledge in all realms of health & fitness. He has coached physique and bodybuilding, as well as those just hoping to increase vitality and look good at the beach. His programming philosophy has adapted to accommodate the constantly-changing needs of each trainee.

Pricing plans from $250 per month, for those that desire a base-level individualized program. Up to $350 per month for the Fully Evolved Training Experience, which includes video analysis with enhanced feedback and communication. Contact us to get started with a free initial consultation to assess what works best for you!

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The Evolved Program

You want to look and feel like an athlete, and you always want to perform like one. Now you can achieve all of it without overtraining, without spending hours in the gym, without overuse injuries, and without having to sacrifice vital hormone levels from excessive intensity in your workouts.

If you’re struggling with sleep, lacking focus and motivation, feeling cloudy-headed, lethargic and low-energy, or failing to reach your goals, you need to change up your training. The Central Nervous System (CNS) must be respected to feel and perform your best. After all, what is the point of having the body you want if you don’t possess the vitality to thrive at life?

The Evolved Program is the future! This style of training has been tested across a huge sample-size of athletes. In only 5-6 hours of weekly training, across 4-5 days, you can have it all!

  • Aesthetics
  • Energy
  • Motivation
  • Strength
  • Balanced hormone levels to feel your best everyday

The Evolved Program is a completely individualized approach to training, with a customized combination of strength training, bodybuilding and metabolic conditioning work. The program will be tailored specifically to your goals and needs. Set up a consult to find out how the Evolved Program can change the way you feel about your training regimen.


Since the inception of the “CrossFit Games Open” in 2011, Bryan has qualified over 75 individual athletes through in-person and online training programs. He has also sent at least one team to Regionals each year, and qualified two teams in the ultra-competitive SoCal region in 2014. The process works, and it’s the result of a complete and in-depth programming structure geared at the top athletes in the sport.

Training for sport will consist of strength work, skill work, conditioning, as well as “practice” to ensure the utmost proficiency in each component of the sport. Each athlete will be given an initial online assessment, as well as presented with a couple different video submission scenarios so that we can review technique on a variety of exercises.


Bryan’s 20+ years of weight training experience include 12 years of training for physique and aesthetics. Bryan has competed in Men’s Physique, reaching the best “aesthetic” shape of his career, while also coaching many other athletes to the same goal.

The program is comprehensive, providing both training and nutrition. It also includes constant monitoring of your progress throughout the process, and a keen focus on the final weeks of preparation before the day of your show.

When training for aesthetics, there is so much more than just performing the movements. The process must include a “mind-muscle” connection. The exercises must be performed in such a manner that the muscles are the focus, versus just moving the weight from point A to point B. Bryan will ensure that you are making this connection, and the program will account for every detail and variable throughout the process.


Athletes training for a sport will utilize a strength training cycle as a period of time in the annual training cycle. For many others, getting strong is the ultimate goal. You don’t have to be a Powerlifter or an Olympic Lifter to desire increased strength. After all, increased strength means larger cross-sectional area of muscle fibers (i.e. bigger muscles). If you desire increased aesthetic appeal or increased sport performance, getting strong is a necessity!

Don’t be fooled by those that say you can gain strength while also increasing your cardiovascular system, and losing bodyfat. Proper strength training must be done with its own focus. Through intelligent and diligent individualized programming, Bryan has been able to elicit significant strength gains in all trainees.