Intermediate Bodybuilding Cycle for Globo Gym


This 12-week bodypart split bodybuilding program has created some of the most rapid and dramatic changes in body composition and “physique” appearance of any program I’ve created. With targeted aesthetic work, and a perfect balance of conditioning and strength training, you will see significant changes in your body if you can commit to proper nutrition with hard and consistent training throughout the cycle.

This program must be completed in a standard gym, as it utilizes some machine-based movements that are not available in a Functional gym setting. The volume is moderate, as each training day should be complete in about an hour. There are six training days per week, with four days of strength work and two days of conditioning. There are also certain days with both conditioning and strength training. Only one full rest day each week.
If you are looking for an intelligent and productive way to embark on a new type of training, this program is exactly what you need to elicit some incredible changes in your appearance!