The majority of the “at-home workouts” available during the COVID period are focused primarily on conditioning. That type of training will definitely make you sweat and get the endorphins going, but it won’t build any muscle.

“Hypertrophy” (building muscle) requires progressive training and the ability to work the muscles close to failure without “aerobic fatigue” limiting the effectiveness of the movements.

Evolved is always looking out for you guys and making sure you can continue to build muscle and enhance your physique with evidence-based programming during these unprecedented times.

Starting Monday March 30th, this new program will be available to ALL MEMBERS of ANY Evolved program.

We have taken the general structure of the PHYSIQUE program and modified it to be accessible with only DUMBBELLS!

Whenever a program is taken from its original structure and modified for circumstance, there are some changes to general structure and approach that must take place.

The research has clearly confirmed that sets of 6-30 Reps can stimulate muscle growth, set for set, as long as sets are taken within a few reps of technical failure.

This is important information, because it means that with a small variety of DB’s, you can optimally train and enhance your physique.

While a light or moderate DB might be perfect for Lateral Raises and Bicep Curls in the 10-rep range, it will still be effective for Shoulder Press and Bentover Rows in the 20-30 Rep Range.

Lower Body movements tend to be more difficult to overload with light/moderate weights. However, we have modified the base movements in the Physique program to the “single leg” variations. Instead of Back Squat and Deadlfit, we have Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats and Single Leg RDL. If you’ve ever done a set of 30 reps on Split Squats, you know that you don’t need much weight to create quite a stimulus!

When you see the programming written out each day, you will see these really wide rep ranges provided, such as 6-20 Reps or 8-25 Reps, 12-30 Reps etc… This can create confusion, but it doesn’t need to. If you have plenty of weights, this provides you freedom to select your rep target zone, and choose whatever rep range allows you to get the best stimulus for each exercise.

If you are limited on weight selection, then just choose a weight that will land you somewhere (anywhere) in the rep range, and go close to failure.

In subsequent weeks, you will look to try and improve your performance (specifically as it relates to the REPEATING MOVEMENTS). Here are a few ways you can implement progression:

1. Increasing weight
2. Increasing Reps
3. Increasing QUALITY of movement (improving mind-muscle connection)
4. Increasing Time under Tension (slower tempo)
5. Add pauses at bottom/top of reps
(pause where you cannot “relax”, i.e. top of back squat is not a good idea, but bottom would be great!)

Rest periods between sets should be 90 seconds to 3 minutes if unlisted. You will want to rest toward the longer end of the range if weights are heavier or movements are more fatiguing. Make sure that your breathing is not a limiting factor in your performance of the movement or ability to focus and execute optimally!

It is important to truly push these sets and really make a strong mind/muscle connection. Get the most out of each rep and each set and avoid just going through the motions. Look to improve execution and efficiency of your movement with each rep. Always be learning.

Stay healthy and strong out there. Please make sure you join the Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with others. There are also FREE Bodyweight and DB-only “conditioning” style workouts posted 5x/week in the FB group during this “at home” period of time in the life.