Linear Periodization (LP) is the original approach to periodizing training. It is the basis for so many other periodization models, and it has been the most studied of the bunch.

Common implementation of LP looks like this:

Week 1: 10 Reps
Week 2: 8 Reps
Week 3: 6 Reps
Week 4: 4 Reps
Week 5: DELOAD
Week 6: Start over and try to beat week 1 performance

In theory, this model may be more effective for strength than for hypertrophy.

The rationale is that volume is decreasing each week and the reps ultimately drop so low that they fall out of the optimal hypertrophy rep ranges.

When looking to peak strength performance, this a perfect model.

Due to the volume dropping each week, the fatigue will also decrease, and you will be able to manifest strength more effectively.

What if we could use the pros of the LP model, but implement it in a manner that also enhances hypertrophy?

That is exactly what we’re going to do this cycle in the Evolved Programs.

The big difference is that instead of decreasing reps week to week, we will decrease reps Mesocycle to Mesocycle.

Mesocycle #1 (Deload + 4 weeks) – Higher reps
Mesocycle #2 (Deload + 4 weeks) – Moderate reps
Mesocycle #3 (Deload + 4 weeks) – Lower reps

This method also allows the use of a “rep range” like 12-15 Reps, 8-12 Reps and 5-8 Reps for the three different examples. The exact rep range chosen will be specific to the exercise selection.

We can train as we normally would within a mesocycle, using the Dynamic Double Progression model of progressive overload week to week.

This allows progress to be tracked and measured consistently and accurately week to week for the repeating movements.

If we want to push a bit heavier and towards the lower end of the rep range before heading into deload, that could be a viable approach, as well.

After the four-week progression within a given rep range, the deload week will provide a transition into the subsequent lower rep range.

While the movements won’t change, the rep range adjustment provides a level of variation that makes training exciting and productive for another mesocycle.

This method has the potential to be effective for both the strength and hypertrophy pursuits that we are after. Hyped for you to jump on board and experience the training cycle with us!