Bryan Boorstein has created an online training experience like none other. Complete with video analysis of movement, feedback in a private group, and a fully individualized experience, your training goals are within reach.

Bryan has trained at the top level, the CrossFit Games, while also working with some of the worlds premier athletes, including NFL players, and WWE superstar John Cena. Bryan has extensive experience and knowledge in all realms of health & fitness. He has coached physique and bodybuilding, as well as those just hoping to increase vitality and look good at the beach. His programming philosophy has adapted to accommodate the constantly-changing needs for each trainee.

Olympic, Squat, and Bodyweight Strength Cycle

This 9-week program focuses on Olympic Lifting movements and squatting 5x per week. It is unique in that it includes a variety of different bodyweight gymnastics movements throughout the week, and also has two days per week of metabolic conditioning. Athletes have PR’d lifts by upwards of 30-40 lbs with proper dedication and implementation of this short cycle.

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Strength Focus Crossfit Cycle

The perfect blend of old-school strength training with CrossFit style metabolic conditioning. Includes explosive work, as well as both long and short conditioning workouts. The weekly descending rep schemes provide the perfect base for continuous progress.

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Hybrid Bodybuilding Crossfit and Olympic Lifting

This body part split routine is one-of-a-kind. Strength and aesthetic work is the base of the program, while it also includes metabolic conditioning, Olympic Lifting, and bodyweight movements. You can expect phenomenal strength gains while ensuring the body is healthy and sufficiently recovered between workouts.

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Crossfit Open Prep Cycle

The CrossFit Open is always a fun time. Whether you are competing against friends or trying to break the top 100 in your region, it starts with intelligent training. This program takes all the guesswork out of preparing for the open, and ensuring your body is primed and ready!

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